Welcome to our visitors! Soba-Restaurant "RIKYUU-AN" Atami,Shizuoka,Japan

蕎麦 利久庵
Soba "RIKYUU-AN" ---for visitors
Welcome to Rikyuu-an.
At Rikyuu-an, not only do we serve Soba, but also Izu specialties such as raw shrimp tempura, raw shirasu, soba-miso and other dishes you may find at a traditional soba restaurant. Before ordering your closing soba, please enjoy these plates with your favourite sake.
The tradition enjoying drinks of sake and other liquor at a soba restaurant is called “sobamaebunka”, which means enjoying a drink of sake before eating your soba as a main dish.
We have a wide selection of shochu and sake, we hope that you enjoy a meal with us.
English menus are also available upon request.


<Zaru Soba>

Cold Soba served on a bamboo basket. Pleaes enjoy with nori (dry seaweed) with good aroma.

Zaru Soba

<Goma Seirosoba>

Our one and original soba (cold soba on basket). Our seiro soup is served with ground sesame and grated Japanese radish.

Goma Seirosoba

<Ume Oroshi Soba>

Bowl Soba served cold, served with umeboshi (pickled plum) assortment. Please enjoy the smell of katso-dashi (flaked dry bonito) along with soba.

Ume Oroshi Soba

<Nasu Seiro Soba>

Quick fried Nasu (eggplant) added with crunchy baby shrimps served in a hot bowl.

Nasu Seiro Soba

<Nikujiru Seriosoba>

Cold Soba on bamboo basket served along with hot soup containing shabu-shabu (lightly boiled) pork, green onions and mushrooms

Nikujiru Seriosoba

<KAKE Soba>

Hot soba bowl


Aperitif and Appetizers

Please enjoy a wondrous feast with our local foods and specialtes from Izu-Suruga Bay and localsake.

Aperitif and Appetizers

Kaiun /Eikun /Hatukame /Nakaya /Garyubai /Morimoto


Raw shrimps tempura

Kakiage (deep fried tempura) made with Raw sakura shimps caught in Izu-Suruga bay.

Local food ( IKAMENCHI)

It is a fried local cuisine after adding minced squid and vegetables to make it small.

Sake and Shochu

Sake and Shochu

Soba-yu mixed shochu

Soba-yu mixed shochu

Our soba-yu (soba hot water) is made directly from our buckwheat flour. Please enjoy Shochu mixed with our Soba-yu.

Tea mixed Shochu

>Tea mixed Shochu

HIGH RUTIN CONTAINING Soba-sochu mixed with Tatary-buckwheat tea